EL CARTEL Tattoo Cartridges 0.35 15 Soft Edge Magnum LT 10 pcs.


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331 laos


EL CARTEL was established to provide high quality needles for most demanding tattoo artists.  

QUALITY MATTERS. Thanks to new technology , high quality materials and very strict quality control – EL CARTEL created next-gen tattoo cartridges . 

SAFETY FIRST. For safety and hygienic reasons EL CARTEL uses elastic and durable membranes in cartridges to prevent any leakage from ink or blood to machine . 

New shape of tube helps to store more ink leading to increased efficiency

Thanks to high quality materials our needles guarantee smooth ink injection and remains sharp during long tattoo sessions.

All cartridges are sterile with shelf life time up to 5 years. These cartridges work with any machine with cartridge grip.