NEONAIL Hybrid nail polish 7.2 ml – Dazzling Diamond


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Dazzling Diamond Hybrid nail polish 7.2 ml

Dazzling Diamond hybrid polish from the limited Save The Date collection

We know that a wedding is a special day for every bride, which is why we have created a special collection of hybrid varnishes that will perfectly match the current wedding trends. Now you can choose the perfect shade of hybrid, which will perfectly match the color of your dress, jewelry or the theme of your wedding. Do you choose glamor style? Opt for a manicure that will perfectly emphasize it! The Dazzling Diamond shade, i.e. silver glitter, which has been embedded in a semi-transparent varnish, accompanied by multicolored particles and iridescent pollen, will help you with this.

Glitter hybrid varnish as a jewelery accent in styling

Use the silver, glitter Dazzling Diamond hybrid polish to emphasize your beauty! You can use it solo, applying the product to all nails for a more natural, toned effect, or opt for glitter decorations. The Dazzling Diamond nail polish will also combine well with other shades that are part of the limited Save The Date collection. Do you want to captivate with your appearance on your wedding day? Create a perfect wedding manicure using the glitter, semi-transparent Dazzling Diamond varnish with the addition of multicolored particles!

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